PySceneDetect 🎥

PySceneDetect is a command-line application and a Python library for detecting scene changes in videos, automatically splitting the video into separate clips. Not only is it free and open-source software (FOSS), but there are several detection methods available (see Features), from simple threshold-based fade in/out detection, to advanced content aware fast-cut detection.

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DVR-Scan is a cross-platform command-line (CLI) application that automatically detects motion events in video files (e.g. security camera footage). In addition to locating both the time and duration of each motion event, DVR-Scan will save the footage of each motion event to a new, separate video clip. Not only is DVR-Scan free and open-source software (you can find DVR-Scan on Github), it’s written in Python, based on Numpy and OpenCV, and was built to be extendable and hackable.

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Biopsy Bot 🔬

A remote-control robot capable of gathering a biological sample in unknown areas, Biopsy Bot was developed as a final project for the Mechatronic System Design course offered at UWO. The purpose of the project was to develop a robot capable of remotely navigating (with the aid of an on-board wireless camera) an area of unknown obstacles and rocky terrain, in order to gather and return a biological sample from a mysterious blob (made of Jello).

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Triclysm Triclysm SCreenshot

A 3D LED display project, including hardware (electrical schematics, components, and microcontroller firmware) and software to develop and wirelessly transmit 3D videos/animations to the display. The design is extendable, with the default configuration supporting a greyscale 8x8x8/512 voxel or 4096-colour RGB 4x4x4/64 voxel display.

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Other Open-Source Projects

For a full list of projects on this website, see the Projects category. For a full list of open-source software projects I’ve created, maintained, or otherwise contributed to, you can check out my profile page on Github (username Breakthrough).