Video Processing


Triclysm Project Overview See the Triclysm project on Github at the following URL: Triclysm Previewer Triclysm Previewer (link) is a cross-platform application for developing, previewing, and streaming (via Ethernet or Wi-Fi) to a physical LED cube/voxel-based display. Cross-platform, written in C++, using SDL/OpenGL as a back-end, with Lua as the primary scripting language for animations. In the future, a rewrite is planned, utilizing Python for a majority of the code, and allowing it to be used for animation development as well.

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DVR-Scan Overview DVR-Scan is a command-line application for detecting areas in a video that contain motion, automatically extracting each motion segment as a separate file for further viewing or processing. This makes managing a large amount of footage from, for example, security cameras/DVRs, a much more manageable task, as only the areas of interest need to be reviewed after processing with DVR-Scan. See DVR-Scan on Readthedocs for more information.

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PySceneDetect Overview PySceneDetect is a command-line application and a Python library for detecting scene changes in videos, automatically splitting the video into separate clips. Not only is it free and open-source software (FOSS), but there are several detection methods available (see Features), from simple threshold-based fade in/out detection, to advanced content aware fast-cut detection. Download Click here to download the latest release of PySceneDetect. Note that PySceneDetect is cross-platform, and is supported for Windows, Linux, and OSX.

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