January 11, 2017

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DVR-Scan is a command-line application for detecting areas in a video that contain motion, automatically extracting each motion segment as a separate file for further viewing or processing. This makes managing a large amount of footage from, for example, security cameras/DVRs, a much more manageable task, as only the areas of interest need to be reviewed after processing with DVR-Scan.

See DVR-Scan on Readthedocs for more information.


Click here to download the latest release of DVR-Scan. Note that DVR-Scan is cross-platform, and is supported for Windows, Linux, and OSX, with a binary installer included for Windows users (installation instructions for Linux/OSX users can be found in the documentation).


There is extensive documentation available for DVR-Scan on Read the Docs at This includes a getting started guide, which includes some examples to help you get started with DVR-Scan.

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